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"We have lived on Schwantes property for 6 - 7 years now.  We have never had any problems with them.  The staff is very friendly.  The ladies in the office are easy to talk to.  They get things done when it needs to be done.  I recommend this place to people and families that need a place to live.  They have properties from the east side all the way down to the south side.  Talk to the ladies in the office.  They are COOL!!!"
The owners and staff at Schwantes, Inc. take special care to understand the unique needs of each of our tenants to exceed expectations.

We are proud of our apartments and share these testimonials from our tenants:
"Really awesome people!  Any questions I had were answered and then some.  I''m pretty new to living on my own, and the lady I talked to totally worked with me until I got it, and for that I'm very grateful"
"My family and I have rented from Schwantes Apartments off Fireweed and now in Jewel Lake.  We like the customer service and the staff is awesome when we need something fixed or have an issue.  They are always helpful"
"All the reviews are accurate!  ;-)  Friendly, attentive, concerned, helpful, TOTALLY NON DISCRIMINATORY.  They show compassion and willingness to work with ppl from all walks of life.  All the tenants I've encountered are exactly what I would choose for neighbors.  Thank you to the staff that continue making renting from Schwantes easy and enjoyable."
Emmanuel (past tenant):
"I rented to from many places, but never had this great experience.  The staff are always on top of things, friendly and concerned.  If I had to rend again, I would not hesitate to rent from Schwantes Apartments again.  Thanks for the great service."
Sky (past tenant):
"Great team of people!  Very thoughtful and reliable.  When I've had an issue in the past, I've never had to wait more than a day to have it resolved."
"Awesome place to rent from!  Amazingly sweet ladies in the office!"
"An unbelievably kind and professional family run business.  If you want to rent from real people, rent from them."
"This has to be the best company I have EVER  rented from!!!  They are on top of all their responsibilities as managers!!  If you're looking for a place to rent from, this is the company to talk to!!  Low rent and awesome properties!!!  :O)"
"Great rates, good service, no bull.  Rented from them for over a year and have never had any complaints."
Michael (past tenant):
Tana (past tenant):
"These truly are great people to rent from.  If you'r looking for a new place to live, check them out!"."
"I have rented from Schwantes for over 4 years and they really care about their tenants.  I would highly recommend them if you are looking for someplace great to live.  They have places all over the city"
"Best landlords and office people! They are always on top of fixing things. It took me years to find a great place and I've finally got one! Yay!"